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How To Get Your Own Facebook Username – Tutorial

I know a lot of people who have their facebook profile usernames like probably you are one of them. So its time to get a proper username for your facebook profile so that you can easily connect with new friends by telling your specific and unique facebook profile url, like mine is Its a two minute process and the custom username indirectly increases your profile repo.

You can set a username for your facebook profile and your facebook page(Community, business, etc.) by the same way. Just visit and set your desired username(should be unique and specifically about you – can be your Full Name). There is a restriction for getting facebook usernames i.e. you need to add and verify your mobile phone number to your facebook profile. To write this tutorial post, I made a demo account on facebook – this one! and verified my mobile number.


  1. Go to
  2. If you have verified your mobile number, skip this step.
    While landing on the page it will ask you to add and verify your mobile number, write your mobile number and wait for confirmation code sms. After mobile phone verification, follow the 3rd step.
  3. You will see some username suggestions, you can choose from them or you can select your own custom username by clicking on “More
  4. After selecting your desired username, click on “Check availability
  5.  Click on “Confirm” in next step.
  6. Note: You can change your username only once(means you have 1 last chance to change your username after this)

For Facebook Pages, you can follow the same process(your page needs at least 25 likes).
Watch the Video Tutorial (Easy to understand)

Advantages of Facebook username:

  • Get rid of lengthy numerical facebook profile URL
  • Profile link looks good on facebook business cards
  • Better Facebook Search Visibility

By Anil

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