Finally Instagram Feed is Available on the Web

| February 6, 2013 | Comments

Initially, when Instagram was launched and succeeded, (web version) used to be a info page. But a few weeks ago, It introduced Instagram profiles which lets us browse any Instragram users profile on the web, also, introduced instagram badged.

After weeks passed by, Today, Instagram has launched full fledged web feed experience, just like Facebook or Twitter. Instagram confirmed on its official blog half an hour ago.

This is how Instagram looks on web browser.

Instagram Web Feed First Look

Still, we cannot upload a photo directly from its website. That’s sad. What we can do just browse the feed. Is that needed? Is it all worth? Maybe for Facebook as It may soon start adding ads to the web feed. Well, this post on Mashable might give you some hints on how Instagram will look after monetization.

Personally I feel that Instagram is better on Mobile platform but if you are working on your laptop and you’re curious to browse instagram feed, You can do that right way. Well, something is better than nothing. Still you can like, comment on a photo and browse/edit your profile. Nothing’s new in profile editing btw.


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