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Now Create Your Facebook Timeline Movie in a Snap

After the success of facebook timeline, there is a tool on web which lets you create your own timeline movie in a snap. As seen on Mashable and ZNet, According to ZNet, this tool was launched by Facebook itself (See the para below) but from nowhere it looks like FB product. Whatever it is, Its simply AMAZING.

Znet:  Facebook has launched Timeline Movie Maker, an app that creates a movie out of content on your new Facebook Timline. Does your movie improve your opinion of Timeline? Facebook hopes so.

How to Create Facebook Timeline Movie? – Just follow the instructions:

  • Go to
  • Click on “Make your Movie”
  • Allow the app(just grants for one permission)
  • Select soundtrack after watching the movie(optional)
  • Share with your friends.

One thing I didn’t like about this timeline movie make is that it doesn’t allow users to select their own posts and photos to be shown. May be because it will be a mess for some users. Hopefully, it may launch some advanced features in future. I have created my own Facebook Timeline movie. Have a look.

By Anil

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