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How to Stop People from Tagging You on Facebook

Have any friend(s) who tag you in their non-sense photos frequently and you don’t want this to happen? Even I had a few and I don’t like people tagging me in their photos when I’m not in the photo.

And I found the solution. This will not stop anyone to tag you literally but, It’ll first notify you about the tag created. And then you may either keep the tag or remove it.

How to Enable Tagging Review?

  • Go to your account settings on Facebook.
  • On the left-hand-side, Click on Timeline and Tagging.
  • Enable Tags review (refer screenshot)
    Timeline Tagging Review Facebook

Now every time someone tags you, You’ll receive a notification to show/hide that tag.

Pros? Until you review the tag, no one can see you tagged. And if you are getting too many “spam” tagging from a particular friend, then you need to review your friends list.

By Anil

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