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Take a Tour of White House on Google Maps

Now you can virtually travel inside the White House using Google maps or Google Earth. It actually feels like you are walking inside the White House. Its simple, and you don’t even need to go to Washington DC and take permission to go inside the White House. What you have to do is, just open Google maps and search for White House; Enable street view and It will do the rest. I have created a video of White House Tour, while  exploring on Google maps – check out!

You may be curious to know how to take a virtual tour inside White House, Just search for White House in Google Maps or simply Follow this link. We are limited to view a limited area inside, obviously the rest of the area is not available due to security reasons.

Behind the Scenes: The Google Art Project at the White House

Video showing the members of Google Art project at the White House. See how they made it possible to virtually travel inside the White House, through Google Maps.

By Anil

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