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Twitter’s New Update For Verified Accounts Can Hide Conversations

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In twitter’s recent blog post, they announced that they are going to roll out a new update in upcoming weeks where users can see the original posts of a verified user, instead of conversations.

Twitter made it quite simple to browse a celebrity or brand page as some of us only love to see their updates instead of their conversations with their followers (aka fans).

That’s so exciting, now we can read the original tweets of a user (celebrities, to be specific) without any convo-clutter. Well this feature will be optional and you can get back to see all the tweets(they added)

When you visit a Twitter user’s profile, you may want to see his or her original Tweets rather than their conversations. Then again, you may enjoy seeing the back-and-forth exchanges they have with other Twitter users.

The image (by twitter) below will give you the reference of how a verified page will look like after the update.

twitter update verified account

By Anil

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