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Nokia Lumia 820 – Detailed Specs

The Nokia 820 got launched in the Nokia‚Äôs launch event on Wednesday in New York. Not as interesting and sophisticated as Nokia 920, Nokia 820 features an AMOLED CLEAR BLACK touch display and an option for wireless charging. Specified in the nominal range of windows smart phone this new invention by Nokia possesses fairly good […]

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Top 5 Camera Phones of 2012

Gone are the days when mobile phone were used for calling purpose only. Mobiles are the tiny computers in our hands. In this post we will discuss about the best camera equipped with a phone. One has rightly said that the best camera is the one which is with you. We cannot carry DSLRs or […]

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Nokia Lumia 900 Has The Strongest Mobile Display Glass

[Video Link] This is what a gorilla glass on a mobile phone can do. Earlier we had covered the toughest camera – Canon 7D now its about a super strong display glass on a mobile phone. Nokia Lumia 900 is one of those lucky mobile phones who are equipped with world’s strongest display glass and […]