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7 Awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 Gameplay Videos

Want to know the gaming capabilities of Samsung’s Android Giant, the Galaxy S3? I have been playing Shadowgun on my Galaxy S3 for more than a week now and now I can say that, this is the game which made me feel like as if I am playing it on PS3. Shadowgun Gameplay on Galaxy […]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Hands On: Sample Images and Video

In the previous post I had shared the hand-on pics and Unboxing video of Samsung Galaxy S3. In this, I am covering “how awesome Galaxy S3’s camera is”. Its stupendous. It was an amazing experience to shoot the pictures with S3’s camera. You can click photos without any shutter lag. The 8MP camera works great […]

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Nokia Lumia 900 Has The Strongest Mobile Display Glass

[Video Link] This is what a gorilla glass on a mobile phone can do. Earlier we had covered the toughest camera – Canon 7D now its about a super strong display glass on a mobile phone. Nokia Lumia 900 is one of those lucky mobile phones who are equipped with world’s strongest display glass and […]

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Is This The World’s Toughest Camera? Canon EOS 7D

You know which one’s the world’s toughest camera? Well, Its Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera which can survive through the hardcore tests. DigitalRevTV (youtube) guys have uploaded a video on youtube showing the durability of Canon 7D. The results were mind blowing. Seriously. It went through getting hit by a truck, freezing, getting hit by […]

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Take a Tour of White House on Google Maps

Now you can virtually travel inside the White House using Google maps or Google Earth. It actually feels like you are walking inside the White House. Its simple, and you don’t even need to go to Washington DC and take permission to go inside the White House. What you have to do is, just open Google maps […]

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How To Hide Your Facebook Profile Pictures From Your Friends

There may be privacy issues behind your Facebook profile pictures. If you don’t want to show your Facebook profile pictures to anyone, then Facebook allows you to do that in privacy settings. This will even prevent your friends or anyone to click on your current profile picture. All you need to do is follow the instructions. Open your Facebook profile. Click […]

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How To Get The Old Facebook Photo Viewer Back

Many of you may not have liked the new facebook photo and video viewer. As my last post was about the New Photo and Video Viewer This is about how to get back the old photo viewer. What you need to do is just follow the instructions there on. Disable New Facebook Photo and Video Viewer: […]

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Future of Glass: A Day Made Of Glass – Corning

15 hours ago, Corning uploaded the all new view of A Day Made of Glass on Youtube, which is exactly very similar to its first video uploaded one year ago. Well this can be said as the future of glass. Corning is the company which makes the most durable, scratch-free Gorilla Glass for many leading brands. […]

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How To Enable And Disable Facebook Subscribers – VIDEO

I have made and uploaded few useful videos on youtube, two of them are about facebook subscribers. Some people, who have recently got the timeline feature, may not be using the new subscriber feature as it is, by default, not available for all and some people got it by default. And some people want to […]

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iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test Video

ElectronicsBreak, a youtube channel which uploads the drop test videos of electronic gadgets, has uploaded an amazing all new video showing drop test of iPhone 4S and Samsung galaxy S II. There is a bad news for iPhone users – iPhone’s glass broke on every drop but Gorilla Glass of SII survived all the tests. Be proud […]