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Hello! At present, we are not accepting guest posts. It’s because WideFide is hurt by Google’s algorithm (maybe because of some suspicious backlinks). 

Howdy Visitor!
Thanks for your interest in writing for WideFide. You can write newsworthy, latest, and obviously not “copy-paste” tech articles for this blog. If you have surfed the blog then you must have known the genre of this blog. Having 8000+ email subscribers wide reader-base, WideFide emphasizes on delivering the latest news on Android, Social Media, latest gadgets, how-to tutorials, Mobile phones and apps & games. FAQ below.

What should I write?

As you know that widefide is all about tech news so you should write articles which fall into this category. Please go through the categories at least once before submitting an article. You can write articles about:

  • Social Media News – i.e. facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Mobile Phones – Android, iPhone, BB, etc.
  • Computer – Windows/Mac >> apps, tips, how-tos
  • Mobile apps and games – News, Best ones, Reviews
  • Gadgets
  • Gaming

Note: Duplicate and “Hacking” related articles are not allowed to be published on WideFide.

How should I write?

First of all you need to ensure that the content you’ll write fit into WideFide’s above mentioned categories. If yes, you can continue to fill the form(below). Things to mention: Your work (blog posts), Your blog.

Why should I write?

Now the question may arise in your mind that why should I write for WideFide. Let me explain…

For Guest Bloggers: We do not accept guest posts anymore. After reading tons of guest post articles sent via mail, I have come to this conclusion to not to accept guest posts anymore. People are doing this for SEO juice only and they are sending irrelevant backlinks (sometimes they are suspicious) I don’t want to disappoint my readers by sending them to your links. Also, I have seen people sending unoriginal content.

So if you are really a genuine and serious blogger, send your original work via email with backlink to your blog. For more, you can contact me on twitter.

NOTE: We do not accept unpopular backlinks.

For more information Contact me at admin@widefide.com 

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