How To Create Counter Strike 1.6 Server : Tutorial

Do you play CS a lot? want your own server? This tutorial is for you then. In this tutorial I will be telling you to make a dedicated Counter Strike Server in few minutes(actually it depends on your net speed). Its not very complicated to make a counter strike server, but to run it smoothly […]

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How To Enable Facebook Timeline – Complete Tutorial

You may have heard about the new facebook profile timeline after the f8 event and some of your friends may have enabled that too. Still waiting for a complete tutorial? Then you are at right place. You need to make a facebook developer account(you don’t need to make/develop any app actually). Its a very easy process which […]

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Best Free Photography Apps For Android Mobiles

Photography Apps for Android Mobiles > Click, Edit and Save photos on mobile. These apps have made it easy to edit photos, not exactly as we do on Adobe Photoshop(PC), but similar to them. You don’t need to require any professional knowledge to use these apps, they are just easy. Thanks to Google Android platform. […]


5 Great Gadgets For Office And Home

List of Top 5 Great Gadgets for office and home. These gadgets fall into the category of essential gears but these are uncommon. you won’t find these gadgets at every home/office. So be prepared for your new “purchase list” for gadgets. These include scissors, pen, push pins, chargers, etc. Found it interesting? Here we go! […]

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The Complete iPhone 5 Rumor Round Up

The pictorial rumor of iPhone 5 which is soon going to be launched in September 2011. Image taken from a french blog –

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A Senior Indian Govt. Officer Explains Cloud Computing – What a Joke

This video shows the views of a senior Indian govt. officer about the Cloud Computing. Techies will beat their heads after watching this video. epic fun. Language of the video is Hindi.