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How to Post a Blank Tweet – Twitter

Ever thought of posting a blank tweet? Isn’t it strange? Its as easy as you create those hidden folders 😉 You don’t have to mess up with “ ” thing as It does not work. Note: doesn’t work off try on twitter desktop apps like Tweetdeck instead. Here’s how it would look like: — Anil […]

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9 Awesome Computer Workstation Setups to Blow Your Mind

This post is dedicated to awesome workstations which I discovered on the internet and interestingly this post falls under three categories(of this blog) – Gaming, Computers and Gadgets. These are the workstations which may blow your mind. Ever thought of a gaming workstations like this? well some of us only dream of such great workstations […]

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The New iPhone (5th Gen) Will Have a Larger Screen & Mini Dock Connector

The next iPhone is most probably set to launch with the name “The New iPhone” instead of iPhone 5. As you know, The new iPad (3rd gen) is not named as ‘iPad 3’ and other products like macbooks, iPods, and iMacs do not come with a name like ‘iPod Nano 5’ or ‘iMac 4S’, etc. […]

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Nokia Lumia 900 Has The Strongest Mobile Display Glass

[Video Link] This is what a gorilla glass on a mobile phone can do. Earlier we had covered the toughest camera – Canon 7D now its about a super strong display glass on a mobile phone. Nokia Lumia 900 is one of those lucky mobile phones who are equipped with world’s strongest display glass and […]

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Android: 6 Useless Apps Which You Should Never Install

This article is all about those useless apps on android market which you should definitely avoid installing. Heard of the apps which say your phone will be charges if placed under the sun? or shaking the phone will charge phone’s battery? Useless! totally worthless. None of them actually work. They are made to fool the […]


How to Resolve Windows IP Address Conflict Error?

Ever saw any windows IP conflict error (There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network) ? Well its most common error if you frequently use internet and keep the same IP. This is not caused due to any virus and doesn’t cause any harm to your computer’s ecosystem but doesn’t let you […]

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Is This The World’s Toughest Camera? Canon EOS 7D

You know which one’s the world’s toughest camera? Well, Its Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera which can survive through the hardcore tests. DigitalRevTV (youtube) guys have uploaded a video on youtube showing the durability of Canon 7D. The results were mind blowing. Seriously. It went through getting hit by a truck, freezing, getting hit by […]

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Which Is The Very First Android Mobile Phone?

Android is exploding. It has covered the most market share in US, even more than iOS. Android mobiles are being sold like hot cupcakes all over the world. But do you know how did Android start? Which was the first android mobile to hit the market? The first android mobile was made by HTC. HTC […]


5 Reasons Why Symbian is The Worst OS

If you ever owned a Symbian mobile then you know the demerits of it. In this post, we will be discussing about the bad things of owning a Symbian (Nokia) mobile. Its not that the OS doesn’t have any good things but the bad ones buries the good ones. 1. Non-Reliable OS: Discussing the first and foremost […]

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Top 5 Racing Games for Android

Playing games on mobile phone is the best way to kill the time. Whether you are getting bored or waiting for someone at some place. Sharing some awesome android racing games which you will definitely like to play. 1. Jet Car Stunts: This game is just super addictive, I used to play it a lot. […]