Internet SEO

Must Have WordPress Plugins 2015

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available to install and every plugin has its significant use. You may install a number of plugins, but a few of them are simply must-have. I have compiled a list of 5 must-have plugins for WordPress which every blogger should consider. 5. Yoast WordPress SEO: This is simply the best SEO plugin […]


MacBook Service Battery Warning. Do You Need to Replace Batteries?

Seriously, Apple must have installed some cheap batteries in MacBooks (Air and Pro both). I am one of many Macbook users who faced “Service battery” warnings. Here’s my story: After around one and half years of purchase, I saw “Service Battery” warning when I clicked battery status bar on top. I clicked on the warning, […]

Android Mobile

Pros and Cons of Rooting Android Devices

A lot of us use Android mobiles and/or tablets as our daily drivers, but a few know about rooting. If they slightly know about rooting then they fear doing that to their precious mobiles in which they have their priceless selfies. So if you want to root your Android device you must know what are […]