How to Check Data Transfer Speed of Pendrive, External HDD

So you have got a Pendrive and you want to test its data transfer speed. You can simply check this by transferring a few 100 MB (or more in size) files in windows 7 and clicking on a drop-down arrow. But that may not be 100% accurate and some of you might not be using windows 7.

To do the task, we have a decent benchmarking tool namely USBFlashSpeed which can test the read and write speed of pen drives, local drives, external hard drives, etc. And if you select the option to generate a report, It uploads the collected data(report) to its website which is presented in a very good and understandable manner.

How to check read and write speed?

  • First of all download the tool from
    Note: The application itself is an application file and installation is not required, just open the .exe file.
  • Open FlashBench.exe
  • Select the drive, check “Send report” option and click on benchmark
  • The process takes around 10-15 minutes and generates the report.

As soon as the benchmark process completes, you will be given a URL from where you can view the report. The report contains a serial number, model, vendor, size, etc. and read & write speed. The plus point is that you can search for a number of devices on the website itself to check their read and write speeds. The report looks like this:

USBFlashSpeed - How to Check Data Transfer Speed of Pendrive, External HDD

By Anil

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