How to Install Windows 8 alongside Windows 7 – Dual Boot

Windows has recently launched the Windows 8 consumer preview for all but the final version is expected to arrive in Oct. 2012.

Windows 8 is the next and the all new operating system from Microsoft which is for both tablets and computers. On PC it somehow looks like we are using a tablet.

Most of you must be having a windows 7 computer and thinking of installing the new windows 8. Don’t think, just download the windows 8 consumer preview from microsoft website¬†and install it alongside windows 7 which won’t harm any of your previous installation. Just follow the instructions carefully. I know you are expecting this – refer the image below ūüėČ

First of all, make sure you have an empty HDD partition on your computer which is at least 20 GB. If its not available then you need to shrink any other volume.

  1. Download the Windows 8 set up files from Microsoft.
  2. Continue installing it and Note down the Product Key
  3. Install on another partition
  4. Select USB Flash Drive
  5. Once the setup is installed onto your USB  pendrive, Restart the computer
  6. Enter BIOS mode – Press F2 or DEL (or the button which lets you enter into BIOS)
  7. Go to Boot Options
  8. Select “External Device” as 1st Priority
  9. Save and Exit
  10. Now it will restart your computer and install Windows 8
  11. Write the product key
  12. Accept the terms
  13. Select “Custom” install windows only (advanced)
    clicking on”Upgrade” will install win8 over windows7
  14. Select the empty partition where you want to install the Windows8
  15.  Now it will install Windows within 15 minutes and then your computer will be restarted. Enjoy!

So now you have windows 8 installed alongwith windows 7, and you didn’t loose any of your previous files, apps, games and the previous OS i.e. windows 7. But please don’t upgrade windows 7 for windows 8. First try then upgrade and that too when microsoft checks for bugs (if any) and releases its final version as a product. Wan’t to see windows 8 in action before trying? See the video below:

By Anil

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