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Worlds Smallest 3D Sensor – Primesense Capri Unveiled at CES

PrimeSense 3D Sensor

The CES 2013 is going to be remembered as the fair showcasing sensor technology. In the past few days we saw the futuristic motion sensing devices. And know PrimeSense (an Israeli based company) has come up with its 3D sensor, The Capri, which is said to be the world’s smallest 3D sensor ever.

The Capri could bring a revolution in the 3D sensing technology, and has the ability to get embedded on variety of products and services with nominal upgradations.

According to PrimeSense, Capri has the ability to go virtually in any field whether its laptop, computers, smartphones, gaming consoles or house cleaning robots.

This 3D sensor works out by first bathing the near field area in front of it by a ultra sophisticated infrared light mesh which creates a grid for the second sensor to work further. According to PrimeSense this device comes with a more powerful software algorithm than any other motion controlling device and this is developed with an all new 3D sensor chip in its system.

Company is looking forward to embed this motion controlling device with a variety of consumer products and applications. If you are still confused regarding the device and its capabilities, this concept video will let you understand its use.

It seems that the coming future of technology will be surrounded by motion controlling devices.

By Pinaki Dutta

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