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Tobii Rex – Eye-Tracking Computer Interface Kit for Windows 8

Tobii Rex Developer Edition on Laptop

Do you feel that guiding the cursor on your computer monitor or laptop display takes some effort of yours? Here’s an exciting gadget for you. Now you can interact with your computer using your eyes. No, seriously.

Now you may scroll up and down a page, open apps, browse maps using your eyes. wow!

Yes you read that right. Believe or not but Tobii Technologies, global leader in eye-tracking and gaze interaction, have unveiled their all new futuristic product Tobii Rex. It looks like a tiny version of microsoft kinect but it’s actually different.

Attach Tobii Rex your computer or laptop, interact with your computer’s screen using your eyes and the ‘delete key’. TheVerge, at CES, have got their hands on this beautiful masterpiece and as shown in the above video, the device works amazingly well. This is the future of computer user interface and we may also see it on some Android mobiles sometimes later. Samsung, are you reading this? 😀

Currently its developer kit is available for a whopping $995. This aggressive pricing may disappoint many Rex admirers including me. But those who want to have their “eyes” on the future will buy it. I see that Game developers will have some big advantage in future.

By Anil

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