Kingston HyperX Predator 1 TB Flash Drive – Worlds First 1 TB Pendrive

Kingston 1 TB Flash Drive

Kingston revealed the world’s first 1 TB flash drive (pen drive) at the CES, Las Vegas. Currently the company is supplying DATA Traveler Hyper X Predator 3.0 USB Flash Drive with 512 GB of storage in the market, but the 1 TB model is going to change the whole scenario of flash drive storage.

Not only the storage, Kingston has built it with high speed USB 3.0 support which will deliver a whopping speed of up to 240 MBPS reading and 160 MBPS writing data.

The Hyper X Predator 1 TB is made up with zinc alloy casing which makes it durable and sturdy. Company is also providing five years of warranty.

The drive is compatible with all major operating systems  including Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, MacOS, Linux etc.

Andrew Ewing, Flash Drive business manager for Kingston says that this 1 TB pendrive will let the user store their entire digital world in it.

The 1 TB flash drive price has not been revealed yet but the present Hyper X Predator 512 GB model is available in the market at retail price of $175. So by this it can be presumed that the 1 TB model will have almost double or 1.5x price tag than 512 GB one.

But then who doesn’t want t0 store the entire digital world into the pocket!

By Pinaki Dutta

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