This is How Microsoft Surface is Better Than Apple iPad

Windows tablet (Microsoft Surface) has landed in the space and is all set to compete with the biggest player in the market – Apple iPad. Interestingly that touch cover looks quite similar to smart cover for iPad.

So how Microsoft Surface is better than Apple iPad? you can connect iPad to Surface and sync via iTunes (on Surface). Here’s the image (from @DhruvBhutani)

Microsoft Surface Connected To Apple iPad

I repeat, images speak more than words. iPad got pwned.

Will Microsoft Surface beat the Apple iPad? Will it be user friendly as the iPad? Is it just like the PC version or its all about tile interface? Many questions are there but we lack answers at this time. In future we will definitely compare iPad and Surface spec-wise. Never mind, we have two versions of Surface – Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. One will definitely beat iPad 😉

And some of you guys, who say Surface is inspired by iPad, need to shut their mouth.

Microsoft Surface is not inspired by Apple - Proof

(Image Source: Facebook)

By Anil

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