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Top 5 iPhone 4S Accessories for 2012 – Enhance Your iPhone

There are many accessories available for iPhone in the market but a few of them are up to the mark. This post is about those 5 iphone accessories which you should have in 2012 which will enhance the use of iPhone in many ways, say Camera, Keyboard, Mount, etc.

The Top 5 Accessories for iPhone which will enhance the iPhone use are:

1. Olloclip iPhone Camera Lens: This lens is compatible with both iPhone 4 and 4S, the Olloclip is a quick-connect lens system that includes fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lenses in a tiny and convenient package. This lens has three options i.e. Fish eye effect, wide angle and macro which works well while clicking photos or shooting videos. The lens can be quickly connected(mounted) to iPhone 4/4S but its bit expensive at a Price: $69.99

Key Features:

  • Quick-connect lens system for iPhone 4/4S
  • Includes fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lenses
  • Take amazing photos and videos

2. The Oona – Anywhere iPhone Mount: This is definitely very useful gadget for your iPhone, actually not only for iPhones but also for all smartphones which have flat back surfaces. This mounts the iPhone through suction cups which works on all flat and sleek surfaces. You can mount your iPhone (or any other smartphone) on:
  • A GPS on the windshield of your car
  • White Board or Fridge
  • Handsfree movie viewing on a flight.
  • Study Table and many more.

Priced at $29.99

3. Horn Stand for iPhone: Want your iPhone to scream louder? Well not scream actually, If you want to increase the sound level of your iPhone by 13 decibels then go for it. And the plus feature is that it doesn’t uses the battery of your iPhone. What you need to do is, just mount your iPhone on Horn Stand and play the music louder. This is compatible with both iPhone 4 and 4S Alternative to this is x-mini speakers.

Key Features:

  • Phonograph-style stand & amplifier for iPhone
  • Compatible with the iPhone 4 or 4S
  • Adds 13 decibels of sound pressure
  • Requires no power from your phone’s battery
  • Full of old-fashioned acoustical science
  • Will stand in the vertical or horizontal position
  • Great gift for music geeks, marching band geeks, or antique geeks (From Thinkgeek)
  • Grab it for just $1.65

4. Bluetooth Sliding Keyboard Case for iPhone: This is an extra physical keyboard for your iPhone. If you don’t like typing on-screen then this is the better option available in market. The hard plastic shell fits on your iPhone with slide-out keyboard which connects via bluetooth. If you are fed up of iOS’s auto correct feature or you are facing too many typos while typing on-screen, this will solve your problem.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth Keyboard with case
  • Types exactly like a real keyboard (as its a real keyboard 😉 )
  • No ports or wires needed, connects over bluetooth
  • Priced at $34.99

5. Beanbag Cellphone Chair: Well this product is not limited to just your iPhone, This is a beanbag chair where you can put any mobile, compact cameras or anything that fits onto it. As written on Thinkgeek, Your phone works hard and deserve time to chill. This is extremely light weight – Just around 30 grams. Suggestion: Don’t play catch-catch with it 😉

Priced at just $9.99

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By Anil

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