5 Google Projects You May Have Never Heard Of

You have been using Google search and Gmail for years now, you have tried Google+, Picasa and many other Google products. Today, I’ll share five lesser known projects by Google which you may have never heard of.

5. URL Shortener

We know as URL shortener and Google has its own. In case you want to share a long URL, you might consider Google’s very own URL shortener.

4. Google Trends Visualiser

So you want to know what people are searching on Google around the world. Google delivers Trends data in very neat and minimal visualisations. The best thing is that you set this as a screen saver to know Google trends in real-time.

Google Trends Visualiser

3. Google Books

Looking for a book? Look out for its web version or ebook on Google Books, you might find it there, but chances are that Book will have older publishing date if it’s fully pre-viewable. Still, a better place to read old books and magazines. I found my favorite childhood comics “Chacha Chaudhary” today. Don’t confuse it with Play Books.

Google Books Screenshot

2. Google Patent Search

Looking for a product’s patent details? Give Google patent search a try. I searched for the original iPhone’s patent filled in 2008 and got some patent details.

iPhone patent on Google

1. World Wonders Project

This one’s seriously very good if you are looking for some quality and extensive imaging of places and things. I viewed photos of Taj Mahal clicked in 1898. Also, Street view to World Wonders and things at the museum(partnered with Google). The project was launched on 1 February 2011 by Google.

Source: Wikipedia

By Anil

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