Google Authorship: Fast and Easy Way to Show your Google Profile in Search Results

We all should avail this golden opportunity from Google to display our Google plus profile in Google search results: Authorship markup. At first, I got it messed up and found it difficult to have it for this blog. Also I wrote an early article which showed my display picture in rich snippet but not in actual search results. This looks like this for this blog.

Google Authorship Markup - Tutorial

In this post I am going to share the easiest possible way to enable the Google authorship markup. Also this works for multiple author blogs as the “rel=me” is not written in http://<blog>.com/about page but in the author’s profile page.


Now follow the procedure written below.

Do the Google Profile part first:

  1. Go to your Google+ profile and edit.
  2. Scroll down to “contributor to” and add a custom link.
  3. Write your Website’s name in the label and your site’s URL in URL field.
  4. Make your it’s set to public. Hit Save.

Go to your WordPress blog’s dashboard.

  1. Install the “Allow REL= and HTML in Author Bios” plugin
  2. Go to Users > Your profile.
  3. In your biographical info field add your name (if already written then alter). Like this:
    <a rel=”me” href=”<Google_Profile/”>Your Name</a>
    Replace “Google_Profile” with your profile ID.

(Optional): That will do the task and may take some time. Now let’s do the trick to enable Google Authorship faster. Add Google Profile and page widget to your homepage(sidebar). Make sure you have already create your brand’s page on google+.

  1. Go to Google+ Badge page. Create your badge and copy the code.
  2. Go to your wordpress blog dashboard and open Widgets.
  3. Create a new text widget and place it according to your choice.
  4. Paste the code in that widget.
  5. Note: Google+ Badge has it’s own impact to do the trick.

Test whether you did everything right or not. Open Google Rich Snippet tool > Enter your blog address and click Preview. if your author bio is shown near to excerpt, Your blog will start showing your Google+ profile picture in search results.

Also see: Google Authorship markup for YouTube Channels.

By Anil

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