Google X – Google’s Secret Projects Come From Here

Google has a semi-secret facility half a mile away from its headquarters in Mountain View, California and that secret lab is Google X. The lab is overseen by Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin and other scientists. The recently announced Google Wing was developed in Google X, and there are a few more to name.

Google Glass

Back in 2012, when Sergey Brin introduced Google Glass in Google I/O event the hype for a product like this touched sky. It’s first prototype was made in 2012 and it went on sale in 2014. The pair of glass costs whopping $1500. This is a largely appraised project by Google. As of now, Nepal military forces use Google Glass to tackle poachers, Also, many doctors in the world operated patients with Google Glass.

Project Loon

Loon is balloon which flies in Stratosphere at an altitude of around 32 km to provide internet connectivity to rural areas. The balloons ariel wireless network signal with 3G like speed. They fly twice as high as Aeroplanes and weather. People in remote areas can get access to Loon’s wireless network by installing an antenna in their building.

Google’s Self-Driving Car

Google’s self-driving cars are coming. This year, google uploaded a video of their self-driving car which actually looked like a toy. But in 2012, they showcased a video of Steve Mahan driving a Toyota Prius (driverless). Well, the final product should be unexpectedly better, Fingers crossed.

Contact Lens

Google Contact Lenses

Announced this year in January, the contact lens’ aim is to measure glucose level in their tears (for diabetic people). The lens has a miniature glucose sensor, a wireless chip to transmit data and a wireless antenna which is thinner than human hair.

Project Wing

Project Wing is just another drone which acts as a delivery drone. Remember Amazon Prime? Before the announcement on Aug 28, 2014, it had been in development for 2 years. Now I am expecting product delivery from Flipkart by a drone (at least in 2015).

Spoiler: Can’t wait for project ARA (2015, come fast)

Rejected Projects

  • Space Elevator: Rejected because it is currently unfeasible.
  • Hoverboard: Rejected because they seemed costlier than societal benefits.
  • Jetpack: Rejected because they found it energy consuming and causing noise pollution. I would have loved to see a jetpack from GTA.
  • Teleportation: Rejected because it violated the laws of physics.

By Anil

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