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Outlook.com has arrived to compete with Google and Hotmail. The best thing of Outlook.com is that you can create multiple email addresses on the go and the mails will be delivered to one account in separate folder.

In easy language, suppose you have an individual mail account and you want one more public account where people can send you mails without knowing your primary mail address. For example, anil@outlook.com is my primary email address and I want you to send mails to widefide@outlook.com; In this case, If you send mails to widefide@outlook.com, they will be delivered to me in my primary account in one separate folder. As simple as that.

Outlook Account Create an Alias

Why create an alias – The outlook way

Unfortunately, anil@outlook.com was not available so I could’t register that, but You can still send mails to widefide@outlook.com . I find this as the best feature of Outlook mail service.

How to Create Multiple Email Accounts : Outlook.com

  1. Open Hotmail.com (Or skip #2 and go directly to outlook.com if you have created an account).
  2. Click on options > Upgrade to outlook
  3. Now click on “settings” icon nearby your name @ top-right.
  4. More mail settings
  5. Click on “Create a outlook alias”
    Create Multiple Email Alias in Outlook
  6. Select desired email address.
    Create Multiple Email Alias in Outlook 3
  7. “Create an alias” That’s it! Now you will receive a confirmation mail.

Why create an email alias?

  • You have a brand and you want its email address.
  • You don’t want to disclose your primary email address.
  • And tons of other reasons.


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