Things You Can Do On Internet For Free


There are a numerous things you can do on Internet some are paid and some are free. You will read some free things to do on internet in this post, apart from sending mails and connecting with people (FB, twitter).

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Health Advices and Medicine info

Looking for health advices or information of any medicine? Visit WebMD, or Medscape to lookup medicine information, side effects, ingredients, etc. Not just these but you can also read expert’s advices on various topics. Though Medscape and WebMD are available as mobile apps too.

Watch Movies, TV serial or anything

Everyone seems to know about Youtube and if someone doesn’t he must be living in a cave (just kidding, not everyone on earth has access to internet). You can watch Movies, TV soaps from their production house’s official channels on Youtube. Alternatives: Vimeo, dailymotion. Also available as mobile apps.

Study Online

You can take university courses online but it depends whether the degree/certificate for that course is valid in your country or not. But if you simply want to study online, go ahead and learn something of your interest, for FREE. Websites like edX, Coursera, Code Academy, Code School, and Khan Academy provide courses online. Out of them all, edX is an organisation which offer university courses for free.

Listen to Unlimited Music Online

Listening to music online is better than download pirated music. Both of them are free, but latter is illegal. You can listen to free music on Saavn, Spotify for free and if your want to download songs you can pay a nominal fee to download GBs of music. Way better than buying audio cassettes no?

Edit a Photo Online

Don’t have photoshop on computer? Don’t worry, you can now edit or create new images online for FREE on Autodesk’s Pixlr. It resembles like Adobe photoshop and it’s a great online tool.

Store your Data (Images and docs)

Use cloud storage to store data securely and access it anywhere anytime. There are many online services which offer free cloud storage upto a limit and after that you have to pay for more storage. Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage whereas Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage. Both services are great but dropbox is pioneer.

Create and Edit Documents

If you don’t have Microsoft Office or iWork apps installed on your Windows or Mac and you want to create or edit some documents on the go for FREE. You can visit Google Docs (now integrated in Google Drive) or Zoho to get the work done.

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