Which One is Better – Flipkart or Letsbuy?

Online shopping is at the rising stage in India so as the online merchants. Forget ebay, its something different and I have never tried their services. I have shopped online from Letsbuy and Flipkart only and both are somehow good at their services.

My first purchase was from Letsbuy, a wireless mouse – Logitech M215. When I asked the price from local retailers they told me its price as Rs. 900 (Same as mentioned in logitech india website), But when I saw the product at letsbuy, I found it cheaper than others. I instantly ordered the mouse and redeemed a coupon code which gave me an additional discount of 20%. I started liking Letsbuy and after  some time I purchased a few more things. The service was nice at that time and I got the product on time (As mentioned on their site).

Recently, I purchased a 16 GB memory card from Flipkart, Price was same as that of Letsbuy. I found that the service of Flipkart is far better than LB. But sometimes (or read it as “mostly”) Products on Flipkart are costlier than Letsbuy. If you don’t believe on it then open both the sites and search for one specific product in both the sites.

Comparison: vs.


In terms of price, Letsbuy offers you products at lower price than any of the competitors, including Flipkart. Plus they even offer redeemable dicount vouchers/ coupon codes. For illustration, I searched for a 8 GB Pendrive on Letsbuy and Flipkart. On Letsbuy, That Sandisk 8 GB Cruzer Blade pendrive is available for Rs. 295 whereas on Flipkart, They are selling it for Rs. 323. A difference of Rs. 28. If you search a few more things then you may get even more difference and sometimes products are of same prices.


If you want to browse the site for more, then you will find that has a huge variety of products (nearly the amazon for India). You can shop for Books, Electronics, gadgets, Cameras, Songs (Flyte), Stationary Items, etc. and counting. And on Letsbuy, the variety is not that good. Products are limited but they are regularly adding new products.


Flipkart is more popular than Letsbuy, They regularly advertise on TV, Internet, etc. whereas Letsbuy is limited to Internet advertising.  Although if you see the site traffic of both the sites then you will find that Flipkart gets more traffic than Letsbuy. According to Alexa Ranking, Flipkart is ranked at around 560th around the world and 25th in India. Letsbuy is ranked at 2585th (World) and 181 in India. So its clear that is more popular than Letsbuy. Well this doesn’t matter to us, the consumers.

Customer Service:

This is the key point which matters the most to a consumer. If the customer service is not good then there is no point of buying goods at cheaper rate. I found that Flipkart’s Customer care service is far better than Letsbuy. You can get the support from both the companies via Mails, Phone, or Twitter. Flipkart guys reply instantly as soon as they receive the messages; Like I mailed them for sending me the product one day before the delivery date and they said they will try for that And I actually got the product one day before. As simple as that. They even asked me whether I have received  the product or not and got the regular updates via mail and SMS.

Letsbuy is not good as customer service anymore. I recently ordered one product from them(in a disguise), on 23rd March and till date (28th March) Its in process. I had emailed them yesterday about it and haven’t received any single reply from them. I even tweeted them, but they are busy in ansering others and ignoring me.

So Its clear that Flipkart is better than Letsbuy in most of the cases. Well, Price does matter but when it comes to customer service you have to ignore the price.

Conclusion / Tips:

Flipkart should keep an eye on their competitors and should regulary update the price of the products and add Discounting system like Letsbuy.

Letsbuy should look forward to give better customer service, add more varieties, and on-time delivery. I am not planning to buy anything from letsbuy from now because of their pathetic services.

Update: Just came to know that Flipkart bought Letsbuy a weeks ago. Now there is no point buying from LB!?! Still Letsbuy is a separate unit. You can read for more info on Times Of India. Thanks Cul_S.

By Anil

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