How to Receive Downtime Reports of your WordPress Blog (in Realtime)

It’s very displeasing to see our website down. Yesterday, I opened Earthquake Alert! (a web-tool created by me and hosted on this site) followed by a long white screen and then an error message appeared. My website was down. I checked if it’s just me or everyone, and it was down everywhere.

Jetpack WordPress Downtime Notification Email

And after two minutes, I received a mail from Jetpack regarding the downtime. It sent a brief report of downtime stating three minutes of outage. That was nominal as none of the hosting providers provide 100% monthly uptime. And I have been receiving monthly Uptime reports from Pingdom and it was always more than 99%.

So how can you subscribe to downtime reports from Jetpack?

You already have Jetpack installed in your updated WordPress blog. All you need to do is enable a module.

  • Go to Jetpack (Left sidebar) > Settings.
  • Activate Monitor.

That’s it. Super simple. You didn’t have to register for any 3rd party service. It’ll fetch your email ID from WordPress settings and send you downtime notification in real-time. Pretty nifty!

How is Jetpack Monitor helpful?

Let’s read it as, “Why should I enable Jetpack Monitor?” OR “Why should I care about downtime notifications?”. First and obvious, You get to know when your website is down. And you can track and, maybe, calculate total downtime of outages per day/ week or any specific time.

Second, It’s helpful in getting support from hosting providers. Exact information helps them to work on the problem more efficiently.

What is Jetpack?

If you are tracking your blog’s stats on WordPress Dashboard, you have been using Jetpack. It is one quintessential plugin by Automattic (WordPress) which is loaded with tons of important (yes, important) plugins called modules. Few of them are: Site Stats, Social share buttons, Related posts, Protect and more.

By Anil

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