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5 Best Twitter Apps for Android Devices

There are a number of social networking apps available in Android Market and many twitter apps are available as well. You must have installed the official twitter app(after all its official 😉 ). In this post we will discuss some cool and the best Twitter apps available for Android Devices. So my list goes here:

  1. TweetDeck
  2. Plume
  3. Twitter (Official App)
  4. Seesmic

1. TweetDeck: Tweetdeck is undoubtedly the best twitter client ever, its super simple looks and no complex UI makes it reach number one in this list. The most wonderful feature discovered by me is its tabbed browsing which is Superb, In the tabbed browsing we can add a number of tabs and set the update interval according to us. Earlier it used to support longer tweets from but after the acquisition from twitter, they have removed this feature, which I really miss. It also support multiple twitter accounts but other social networking accounts are limited to 1 i.e. facebook, foursquare, buzz etc. One plus feature of tweetdeck is its facebook integration. We can read the news feed and post textupdates via tweetdeck. Tweetdeck can share photos to twitpic and yfrog. (Also mentioned in 15 Must Have Android Apps)

2. Plume: Formerly known as toiteur, the Plume is alo a wonderful twitter app and makes tweeting fun. Although it doesn’t have tweetdeck like tabbed browsing but you will find its UI sleek and funky. It supports multiple twitter accounts, auto-complete twitter username( please note that this feature hasn’t been implemented to tweetdeck till now, which is really sad on their part). To refresh the timeline just pull the timeline upside down (just like twitter for Android). It can share photos with Twitpic, Plixi, YFrog, Posterous.  plus it has super sexy widget.

3. Twitter for Android: The official app has changed its UI completely and its just like browsing twitter on desktop. Although I don’t take interest tweeting from the official app because it doesn’t work well on my device( besides having the latest version). It keeps on asking for my username and password and when I fill the UN and pass it says account already added. This problem may only be with my device as other twitter users are liking it a lot and rated it 3.9/5.0 in Android Market.
4. Seesmic: Seesmic has also developed a good twitter app for Android devices which at first, is slow during login, but works well after. Like Tweetdeck, It also supports facebook integration. Facebook integration of seesmic is better than of tweetdeck and is more customizable. Using seesmic, one can upload photos and videos to Plixi, yFrog, TwitPic and even YouTube. Has many good features like multiple accounts(twitter and facebook), longer tweets via twitlonger, integration of google buzz(which is quite useless as google is closing buzz soon). It also integrates Salesforce Chatter, the enterprise social network so you can communicate with your company and exchange information from other networks like Twitter back inside you enterprise.
5. You Tell: Now its your turn tell us and share the best twitter app according to you. I want to see GRAVITY in the list as soon as possible – humble message to @janole 🙂
Final Words: I use Tweetdeck the most on my android mobile(xperia x10) and love its UI 🙂 although rest of the apps are also used but less than tweetdeck. To Download the Apps, Click on the Images posted below every app detail.

By Anil

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