5 Google Allo features that outstand WhatsApp

Google Allo is available in Preview version and many people have already got their hands on this beautiful and intelligent app. But should you use this as daily driver instead of WhatsApp? Let’s discuss the five Allo features that outstand WhatsApp.

1. Google Assistant(Artificial Intelligence)

The artificial intelligence is entirely great and this element is absent in Whatsapp and this AI is fun to use and it gives diverse choices on what we ask it and it answers really direct.

Google Allo
Google Allo

Google Allo Google Allo

2. Stickers

It has some entirely cool stickers and more stickers will be included in not so distant future. This feature is not accessible in Whatsapp as it contains just smileys.

3. Incognito Chats

Remember those chats when you have to manually select each conversation and delete. Now no worries. Start a fresh incognito chat and forget about deleting.

4. Shout in Texts

You can enlarge the size of your chat when sending. That makes the message more readable and prioritized. Or you can also make the texts smaller than ants by dragging the send button downwards. It’s that simple.

5. Smart Reply

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Allo learns over time and usage. It predicts what would you reply to a particular conversion.

By Anil

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