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8 Weird Nokia Mobile Phones – What a Creativity!

In the past, there used to be a variety of mobile phones which used to look weird, creepy and terrible on the name of stylish. They were actually hard to use and weird to look, Nokia was the king to launch such mobiles. So this post is all about those creepy, weird looking mobiles launched by nokia in past. I have made this list of Nokia Mobiles in descending order, here you go.

8. Nokia 9210


Remember Digital Diaries? Today’s Mobile phone generation has made them useless.

7. Nokia 3250


What is it? Who wants those extra music keys? plus that swivel thing.

6. Nokia N93i


Mobile or Handicam?

5. Nokia 7700


Perhaps the PSP was inspired by this design. :/

4. Nokia 3650


Can you dial someone’s number easily.

3. Nokia 7280


What is IT?????

2. Nokia 6800


Did we need this mobile?

1. Nokia 7600


Wow! What a piece of creation + Innovation. LOL

By Anil

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