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Amazing Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S3

Screenguards or say screen protectors are essential for every mobile device. So if you purchase a new mobile you should get a decent screen guard for it as soon as possible to save screen from damages. This post is dedicated to Samsung galaxy s3 owners who are looking forward to get a good screen protector for their new mobile.

Putting on an screen protector is not an easy task. You have to be very careful while applying it. I have found some superb screen-guards to meet everyone’s needs and everyone’s pocket ;). Capadase is a leading brand in manufacturing mobile accessories, So most of them are Capadase branded.

1. A Crystal Clear Screen-Guard: Any crystal clear screen protector would hardly cost a few bucks, cheapest among all other screen-protectors. Can be available at as low as Rs. 150 ($3.00). But is it worth buying for? Well if any better alternative is not available in the market so its better to go for it afterall, something is better than nothing. Even I have applied this screen guard as on date hardly any screen protector is available for S3, I got one and that too doesn’t fit all the screen (and because of that, I got it for free :P).

2. Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protectors: If you want some quality screen guard for your S3 then this is a good option to go for, there are many companies which manufacture anti glare and anti fingerprint screen protectors. They are easily available over internet but if you don’t know how to put on screen guards then better don’t purchase online. Go to nearest store and get it done by retailer.

I liked this screen protector from Capadase: SPSGI9300-G IMAG

anti glare anti fingerprint screen guard capadase

It features:

  • Finger Print & Grease Resistance
  • Transparency & Anti-glare protection
  • Perfect overlay and high reliability
  • Remove without leaving residue marks

3. Screen Protector or a Mirror?: Exactly! Its a mirror(plus screen protector, obviously) while the screen is off. Perfect for everyone who like to see themselves in the mirror every few minutes, specially girls ;). I know only one company which makes mirror screen protectors and that is Capdase.

Its Capadase MIRA SPSGI9300-M

capadase mira screen protector


  • Its Anti Finger print and anti-glare (as above) plus
  • Anti Dazzling and becomes mirror when screen is turned off.

4. Privacy Protect Screen Protectors: You don’t want to share your screen with anyone except you. Here’s the privacy screen-guard for the S3 which will turn your phone into anti-spy so no one can see what you are doing or playing with ;). Its capadase again.

Capadase PrivacyIRIS SPSGI9300-PC

capadase anti spy screen protector


  • Safeguard your screen from any unwanted peeking
Other Anti privacy screen guards are easily available from 3M, Scratchguard, iAccy, Casemate, etc.

Note: I repeat, don’t purchase screen protectors online unless and until you know how to put it on. Otherwise it may go wasted.

By Anil

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