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You can remotely control Samsung’s Android powered mobile phone wirelessly from your PC or Mac. Teamviewer had recently launched its new remote control app for Android devices (only compatible with Samsung mobiles, IDK why) namely Teamviewer QuickSupport.

The app is awesome and now I can wirelessly control my Samsung galaxy S3. But why would I connect my SGS3 wirelessly to PC when I have the phone nearby? The answer is, the app is made for, as the name suggests, quick support. You can help your friend who is having technical problems with his/her samsung mobile far away from you.

With Teamviewer Quicksupport app you can exchanges files from PC only. As mentioned in the app description, App is encrypted with a secured connection with 256 bit AES session encoding. Download Teamviewer Quicksupport from the link below.

Get it on Google PlaySee also: Remote control PC from any Android Mobile

How to use Teamviewer Quicksupport?

  • Install Teamviewer (latest version) on PC/Mac/Linux and Quicksupport on Samsung mobile.
  • Open Quicksupport on mobile and Teamviewer 7.0+ on PC.
  • Copy the Quicksupport ID to Teamviewer on PC and connect.
  • Allow your partner for remote support.
  • The video (below) should help you out better 

While using it on my SGS3 with a 2mbps connection, the streaming (or say remote control) was very very slow on computer (both windows and mac). The most probable reasons may be: The app is new and needs more major improvements and bug fixes; secondly the mobile phone graphics. Though If I remotely support a PC via teamviewer the whole experience is smoother than mobile.

Dislikes: The UI, at present, is very very slow and laggy on PC. And being an android app, It is incompatible with other Android devices than Samsung.

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