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Apple iPhone 6 Rumours – What to Expect!

Apple is expected to announce next-gen iPhone in September. There are a number of rumours spreading over the internet, none of them can be convicted until Apple’s next event. But we have got some certain clues from these rumours which look authentic. In this post, you will read four features to expect from Apple’s next generation iPhone.

iPhone 6 in Different sizes

Image source: MacRumours

1. Sapphire Glass Display

Many blogs and youtubers are talking about the next iPhone to have Sapphire display. Apple has recently partnered with GT Advanced which has the capacity to manufacture more than 100 million Sapphire displays. It’s the same glass which protects iPhone’s camera lens and Home screen button. This add-on may make iPhone 6 costlier.

2. Two iPhones launch

It is also rumoured that Apple may announce two iPhone 6 models. May this be iPhone 6S and iPhone 6C, Being 6S a 5.5 inch model and 6C a 4.7 inch model. As you can see in the image above, both iPhones will fit between iPhone 5S and iPad mini. A number of images and videos have surfaced on internet which claim to be the exact same body/chassis of the next iPhone.

3. A8 Chip

It is reported that iPhone 6 will have a newer, smaller and faster chipset, A8. iPhone 5S’s A7 chipset had 31% improvement over A6 chipset.

4. Camera upgrade (13 MP)

There are multiple and diverse rumours about the next iPhone’s camera. It may either sport the same old 8MP camera sensor with minor improvements or it may have a 13 MP camera from Sony.

Conclusion: These are expected features of iPhone 6 and the actual product might be completely or partially different. Apple will raise the veil on September 9 this year. It is highly likely that iPhone 6 will have major improvement over iPhone 5S this year.

By Anil

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