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Apple’s iOS 6 vs Android’s ICS – Who’s The Winner?

Apple iOS 6 vs Android ICS

Right after the announcement of iOS 6 at WWDC event, I saw many tweets comparing iOS and Android. And people started treating iOS 6 as the world’s greatest OS and as if there is no such thing(OS) in the world. Wrong. PS: I am not supporting any OS, I love both Android and iOS.

One simple and straight-forward question to you all loyal apple fans and users, Does your iOS device has Home Screen? No?. Kthanxbye.

Lets compare the features of iOS 6, announced yestersday, with Android’s current OS – Ice Cream Sandwich. And comparison is with only with those features announced yesterday so that you don’t treat this comparison as biased.


So Apple ditched Google maps and launched its own mapping app. Google maps is decent enough but I personally think that¬†Google Maps is not the best. The phone enters the sleep mode if you don’t touch the screen (or you have to set the screen timeout to 10 mins). So while using Google maps while driving is such a mess, I know it saves battery but google should add a feature where it doesn’t enter the sleep mode. May be this is why Apple ditched google maps. +1 Apple.

I haven’t experienced Apple’s maps but I just hope that its better than Google Maps. But from what I have got to know from news sources is that the features are quite like Google Maps. So who’s the winner? Nokia OviMaps ūüėõ

Voice Assistant

Apple has Siri, we have S Voice (can be installed on any ICS Device). And many more other apps like Iris, Vlingo, etc. But Siri is more advanced than S Voice that means Siri is much more advanced than any of Android’s voice assistants.

Winner – Apple

Facebook integration

So Apple finally deeply integrated Facebook with iOS devices. What’s so great about it? Android has integrated FB and many other social platforms since Android 2.0. You can share you photo to any platform (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.) ¬†right from ¬†the gallery. Sharing is still easier on Android.

Winner – Android


Safari is the greatest browser for mobile devices and definitely pwns Android’s native browser. And now got even more improved with ¬†Offline reading and Photo upload. Winner: Do I still have to say who’s the winner? Wait. We have Google Chrome for Android.


So Apple has its own Google Wallet like app. Android guys have already got Google Wallet ūüėČ


VIP feature. Doesn’t it sound same as GMail’s priority inbox? Mail in iOS 6 could have been better if they considered adding “delete” button for Gmail instead of Archive. There is no clear winner until we get to see iOS’ new Mail app.


Dear Google, Why you no provide such apps? Facetime has just got better. And Android has got no such native facetime app. Actually Android has no good native apps. Winner: Apple

So Is iOS 6 worth? Definitely. Being an Android fan I like iOS features which Apple is providing specially their ecosystem. But Android is not so far behind iOS as its being portrayed. There cannot be an overall comparison b/w iOS 6 and Android ICS. But if you compare some of their significant features, Its more likely that both of them will win. So as an iOS as well as Android user I would say “Thumbs Up to Both the OS, You both rock the world”. So stop judging any mobile OS which you haven’t even used. Get your hands on first.

By Anil

Anil is a tech blogger at WideFide. To know more about me or if you want to follow my latest updates, Follow me on twitter @TheOnlyAnil or Join me @ Facebook