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10 Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

Got Galaxy S3? Its time to gadgetize it. Enhance your overall experience of using world’s most powerful device. There are many accessories out there which are made for Galaxy S3 and more are likely to hit the markets soon. I have extracted the best among them and here they are.

1. Wireless Charger for SGS3: This one’s revolutionary. Just keep your mobile on the charging pad and the phone’s battery will start charging. No external wires or docks needed. Though It has not been released but is expected to hit the stores by the end of Q3 2012. Price: TBA

samsung galaxy s3 wireless charging kit

2. 16+ GB MicroSD Card: What about expanding your phone’s memory? Good option, itsn’t it. Get a 16 GB or upto 64 GB MicroSD card for your Galaxy S3 and store whatever you want. Talking about the in-built memory, SGS3 provides 11 GB(16 GB model) to users which you should better not waste for storing music and videos. So  Its better to get an external microSD for storing a couple of movies. Price: Depends

64 GB MicroSD Card

3. USB OTG Cable: This is a must if you want to do something extra-ordinary with your device. OTG Cable, as mentioned earlier, can connect external devices like Pendrives, Gamepads, External Hard disks, Mouse, Keyboard, Printers, etc on the go. In simple words, it can connect every compatible device to your SGS3 which connects through a USB port. Price: $2+

4. Screen Guard: This is an essential accessory for your SGS3, to protect the screen. You should get your phone’s screen protected as soon as you buy a new mobile. Gorilla Glass 2 on display protects the screen but to save the device from minor to major scratches, screen protector is a must. Want to know which screen-guard is right for you? this post is waiting for your arrival. Price: $2+.

5. Flip Cover: Manufactured by Samsung, just like Apple’s smart cover for iPad. This protects the front-side and backside of Galaxy S3. Some might get disappointed after knowing its price. Though this is also available for galaxy note. Price: Rs. 1500 or $27.

samsung galaxy s3 flip cover

6. Another Flip Case/Cover: Didn’t like Samsung’s Flip cover? or even the price? This premium leather flip case is available at amazon store at a $15 (half of Samsung’s Flip Cover). Quality is unknown so customer discretion is advised. Price: $15.

Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S3

7. Wallet Case Cover: Wow! This is great for those who swipe their cards frequently. This cover not only protects your device but can also store credit cards. But there’s one dislike, It adds a few more millimeters to the thickness. Price: $11.31 on Amazon.

wallet case galaxy s3

8. Car Charger: If you run out of battery while driving then there is no better option than a car charger. Though this is a universal car charging kit and support all the android devices. Recommended for frequent travelers. Price: Rs. 300 or $5.

samsung galaxy s3 car charger

9. Leather Belt Cover: If you love to keep your phone in your belt cover then this product is for you. IMO, I don’t think keeping your so-expensive mobile in a belt cover is a good idea. Sharing a personal experience, once my uncle lost his mobile phone (kept in belt cover) in a train. He just snatched and jumped off the train. Price: just $2.82 from Amazon.

leather belt cover galaxy s3

10. Holster / Leather Pouch: Keeping your phone in a leather pouch or holster is not a bad idea. Just take your phone out when you want and place it in holster after use. Price: $30 from Amazon (quite expensive no?)

holster or leather cover for galaxy s3

By Anil

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