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Bike Baron for Android is Not Coming Any Time Soon

Bike Baron Gameplay on iPad

Bike baron is the super addictive bike game for iOS. But the sad news is that its android version is not coming any time soon. I personally think that this game is totally a time killer and there should be its android version too. But sadly, its developer doesn’t think so. They aren’t planning its Android release any time soon – as tweeted by them.

I asked @Qwiboo about the android release of bike baron on twitter, they replied:

This is the game which I can play for hours on my iPad and create custom levels on their in-built level creator. In my opinion, they might be looking forward to make the game popular on iOS first (Its not that its not, but not hugely popular) then launch its Android version.

But why Android users get awesome apps and games after iOS users? Every amazing app, whether its Instagram, Angry Birds or any other, is first made for iOS devices.

By Anil

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