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Check Internet Speed on Mobile Through SpeedTest – Android, iPhone

SpeedTest.Net have their Android and iPhone app to check internet speed on Mobile phones. It is exactly the mobile version of website which is widely famous for ping and speed check. If your mobile phone looses internet connectivity for a while, open this app and start the test. It will ping the server and tell you the internet speed. The most useful part of this app is when you open it and start the test, it starts pinging the server which dramatically pulls the internet connectivity on your mobile.

Description: Mobile is a native version of the most popular broadband testing tool on the Internet. Use it to measure the network speed of your Android device. Ookla operates using a massive global infrastructure to minimize the impact of Internet congestion and latency. With millions of tests performed every month across hundreds of servers, is the ultimate resource for bandwidth testing and related information.


  • It pings the nearest server.
  • Tells you the download and upload speed.
  • Saves all the test records for your reference.
  • Shows graph while testing the connection speed.
  • Has good and user-friendly UI
  • Its Free
Average User Rating(as on 6/12/11) – 4.5/5

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