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Disable Google Plus Photos from Android Gallery

Do you see your Google Plus uploaded images in your Android device’s Gallery? Is that irritating you or for some reason you don’t want to appear those folders in your gallery? Yes? Continue reading this post!

When you log into your Android phone or tablet using your Google account, Google by default enables to show G+ folders in your gallery. Folders viz. ‘Auto Backup’, Profile Photos, or there might appear any folder with Picasa logo.

How to Disable or Remove Google+ Folders?

To disable Google+ Photos and Folders from your Gallery, simply follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Under Accounts, Find and tap on Google.
  • Open your Gmail account(s).
  • Uncheck “Google Photos”.
  • Clear Gallery data and cache OR you can simply reboot your device.

Take care from next time you add any Google account to your Android device. Right after signing into your account, Google asks you to check or uncheck various sync options. Your can uncheck Google Photos from there.

You cannot delete or remove Google plus photos and folders from Android gallery.

By Anil

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