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Download Flappy Bird Again, Here’s How

Flappy Bird has temporarily gone off the stores but still there are thousands of clones available to download. Temporarily because its developer Dong Nguyen might consider publishing this game again, as reported by Rolling Stone.

You can download it back from Google Play Store.

Flappy Bird

We will not talk about the clones because clones are never fun to play with. They might use same kinetics, but the essence is always missing. Okay! Let’s come to the point. If you have previously downloaded Flappy Bird and somehow accidentally uninstalled it or changed your phone or whatever, then there’s a good news. You can download it back from Google Play Store.

Yes, Play Store. Sorry iOS users but there isn’t a treat for you guys. To download this game, simply open this link on your phone/tablet or computer. Note: Works only if you have downloaded the game earlier and logged in to Google.

Or you can find this link on your own, Open Play Store website in your browser(desktop), and open My apps page(link), Now manually search for Flappy Bird or other unpublished app you wish to download. This might slow down your browser.

Fun Fact: Some users are still reviewing Flappy Bird on Play Store.

By Anil

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