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Samsung Galaxy S5 is Coming – What to Expect!

Like every year since 2010, Samsung is coming up with its next flagship mobile phone this year. Galaxy S5 is expected to be revealed by Samsung in last week of Feb, right before MWC 2014. In this post we will discuss expected upgrades to Samsung’s this year’s flagship smartphone.

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Galaxy S5 – What to Expect!

1. Aluminium Body: Well this is something which every Samsung user crave for. When we pay hefty amount of money on high-end phones, we expect them to look premium. Like iPhones, HTC One. No one likes fake aluminium brushing on plastic. So this year, Samsung may consider full or partial aluminium body on Galaxy S5.

2. Camera Upgrade: Some rumours say S5 may sport 16MP camera with image stabilisation. S4’s camera is decent, but IMO camera UI was clumsy (blame touchwiz). Only because of Samsung’s camera app, it takes more time to click an image, compared to stock Android phones and iPhone. But most likely the UI is going to be same and it’s the image quality and picture resolution which is expected to be upgraded. How about 4K video recording?

3. Display: It is also rumoured that S5 will have a 2K LCD display which will form a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels with 560 ppi. A sure-shot battery juicer. If this is true then Samsung is doing this to boost marketing by amplifying specs for no reason. Because no one sees a display with microscope and pixels beyond 300 per inch is lost (well that’s what science says).

Also, Samsung may drop AMOLED display for price-cutting and adopt LCD display for its next flagship phone.

4. Better Battery: Compared to previous generation Galaxy S line-up, battery has always been upgraded. Galaxy S4 has 2600 mAh battery whereas S3 has 2100 mAh battery. So should we assume that S5 will have 3100 mAh battery capacity?

5. 64-bit CPU: It’s like everyone is claiming that Samsung’s next flagship smartphones will have 64-bit CPU because Apple sported it in iPhone 5S. Not sure about 64-bit architecture, but it is expected to come up with Snapdragon 805 CPU. RAM upgrade is expected to be 3GB DDR3.

6. Fingerprint sensor or Retina scanner?: iPhone 5S’ TouchID is extremely very powerful, secure and convenient. Far better than any security approach adopted by Android smartphones. Also, HTC One Max sported fingerprint sensor but was nowhere near iPhone 5S’.

Also, rumours are also there that Samsung might come up with Retina scanner with their next high-end smartphones.

7. Operating System: Quite obvious as of now, S5 will come with Android 4.4.x operating system. And the most sad part is Samsung loads touchviz on the top of Android.

Many other regular features like IRda port, MicroSD card slot, tons of sensors and gesture control features are most likely to be there. Release date and Price is yet to be announced but it is expected to arrive in March (in Asia).

By Anil

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