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Enable Ruler in Google Maps to Measure Distance – Android

Enable Ruler in Google MapsNote: Google has deprecated this feature.

Google Maps it the greatest app for GPS navigation so far. Covering almost every part of the world. So now as you may have already seen the ruler tool in Google earth on PC which lets us calculate the the distance between two point (or even more, lets call that path) in imperial or metrics, We already have that tool in our Android devices.

This tool is needed to check the distance between two places on the go.
Or you just want to get a rough idea of distance between your location and the destination. I have recently digged that awesome feature in my Google Maps app for Android and to check the distance between two places, I don’t need to ask someone or rely on PC. I can do that on my mobile, on the go.

To enable this feature, just open Google Maps > Settings > Labs > Measure. Check the box and you are done. Now you will see a ‘ruler’ icon at bottom-right(refer the image), taping on that will enable you to draw points through which you can calculate the distance between two places OR calculate the distance of a path followed by a number of points on the map. As an additional feature, It also shows the peak height between the point(s). This will look like this(captured on SGS3):

Enable Ruler in Google Maps

With this amazing feature, the Google Maps have been even more greater and better. Let’s see what’re iOS 6 maps upto. And I am sure, It’s not going to offer a number of features which Google already offers. I am not sure whether this feature is already there on Google maps for iOS. Will check on iPad and update the post. Update: No such features were found on Maps (by Google) for iOS.

Enable Ruler in Google Maps – Video

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