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How to Change Samsung Galaxy S3’s Lock Screen Shortcuts

Samsung Galaxy S3 Lockscreen Shortcuts

Changing lock screen shortcuts is not so complicated on Samsung Galaxy S3 but some new users might get confused inside the settings. At first, I also got messed up inside the settings and left the shortcuts as it is. This process may work on other Android 4.0 ICS devices.

While writing a review of Galaxy S3, I wrote I couldn’t find the way to edit those lock screen shortcuts. But after a short span of time, I got to know how to edit those shortcuts and customize according to our needs.

How to edit lock screen shortcuts

  1. Go to Settings > Security > Lock screen options.
  2. Click on “Shortcuts” (don’t click on switch button, it enables and disables lock screen shortcuts).
  3. Now you will see those shortcuts. Tap, hold and swipe them down to delete OR tap on them to change.

Simple as that. To make it more simple, I created a video which’ll make you understand it better.

By Anil

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