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Apple iPhone 5 vs 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note 2 – Specs Comparison

Apple iPhone 5 vs 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note 2 - Specs Comparison

The new iPhone has arrived and the irony is that Apple named its 6-gen iPhone as “iPhone 5”. Well that was something expected. The iPhone 5 has much better features than the¬†predecessor, iPhone 4S. Although in my opinion, the last good iPhone, Apple made was “iPhone 4”. From then, they didn’t show massive innovation.

Though the all new iPhone will be sold like hot cupcakes because of its name, obviously. No matter whether its better than the current champions in the market i.e. Galaxy S3, HOX, Note II, etc.

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It’s been Apple’s habit to leave some margin for the next iPhone (or be it any other iDevice) in terms of hardware so that people would urge to upgrade to the latest version every year.

Okay, So in this post We will be discussing the comparion between a few devices (as you already know the names) viz. iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Galaxy S3 and Note II. All of them have some awesomely awesome features and all of them have their own flaws.

iPhone 5 over iPhone 4S

  • Bigger Screen
  • More RAM (1 GB over 512 MB)
  • 4G
  • A6 chip
  • Better Battery

iPhone 5 over Galaxy S3

  • Lighter
  • Thinner

iPhone 5 over Galaxy Note II

  • Better screen resolution
  • Light in weight
  • Thinner

Galaxy S3 and Note II over iPhone 5

  • Expandable memory via memory card slot
  • Bigger Screens
  • Better battery life
  • NFC
  • More Sensors
  • Note 2 has 2 GB of RAM over 1 GB in iPhone
  • FM Radio
  • S-Pen and C-Pen ūüėÄ

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