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Samsung Galaxy S III Release Date and Price in India

Its a big news from Samsung, It announced that India is in the first list of countries getting Galaxy S III. It will be first debuted in Europe after May 29. Yes we all want to get our hands on the new amazing smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to be launched in India in first week of June. The price factor has to be same as HTC One X, It will be available at Rs. 38,000 from Samsung Flagship stores. It is also expected that the 16 GB SIII version will be cheaper than HTC One X, as One is 32 GB and priced at around Rs. 36000. See also: Samsung Galaxy S III vs HTC One X

Samsung Galaxy S III Pictures

galaxy S III top view

Samsung Galaxy S III – View from Top

samsung galaxy S III White

Samsung Galaxy S III White – Front Look

galaxy S III backside

Samsung galaxy S III backside

galaxy S III in blue color - front look

Samsung Galaxy S III in Blue

Galaxy S III Side view - blue

Samsung Galaxy S III Side view – blue

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