5 Reasons Why Symbian is The Worst OS

Sorry Symbian!

If you ever owned a Symbian mobile then you know the demerits of it. In this post, we will be discussing about the bad things of owning a Symbian (Nokia) mobile. Its not that the OS doesn’t have any good things but the bad ones buries the good ones.

1. Non-Reliable OS: Discussing the first and foremost reason, The OS itself is not trustworthy. I myself had bad experience with Symbian mobiles. Having your data on a symbian is itself not secure. If your phone got attracted by any virus, It will ruin all your data. Like in case you may lose all/some of your photographs, your memory card will be messed up, etc.

2. Virus Magnet: Nokia phones (Symbian ones) cannot escape from viruses. All are virus magnets. Suppose you are taking some data over bluetooth, its most likely that virus will intrude. Or you have left the bluetooth ON, etc. And the results are horrible. I lost all the photos because of a virus and there was a time when a virus hit the SD memory card so badly that a 256 MB card started showing itself as more than 2 GB on computer. I had no choice rather than formatting it.

3. Low Quality Apps: Generally the apps / games are not so good in Symbian as compared to Android and iOS. In simple words, you won’t get to see good apps as Android. Gravity app is an exception.

4. Variety of Apps: Symbian is there in the market for a long time, but still the number of apps made for Symbian is very less compared to Android, iOS or even Windows.

5. Problematic UI: Am I the only one who hates Symbian’s user interface? I hope I am not. I just hate to use a Nokia mobile running on Symbian OS. It might look simple to those ‘old’ guys who have been loyal to Nokia since a long time. For more reference, see the picture below:

Nokia (Symbian) Error
Nokia 5800 | Messed up messaging

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By Anil

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