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The New iPhone (5th Gen) Will Have a Larger Screen & Mini Dock Connector

The next iPhone is most probably set to launch with the name “The New iPhone” instead of iPhone 5. As you know, The new iPad (3rd gen) is not named as ‘iPad 3’ and other products like macbooks, iPods, and iMacs do not come with a name like ‘iPod Nano 5’ or ‘iMac 4S’, etc.

You read that right, The new iPhone will be having a larger screen to compete with Android giants. And that might be a 4-inch retina display.

You can get a rough idea by seeing the above picture that the screen is definitely larger than 3.5 inch. And the Home button is also different this time, are they dumping that iconic home button for a rectangular one?

The New iPhone vs iPhone 4S

If the rumored picture of the new iPhone, shown above, is correct then Apple has done some serious changes with iPhone’s looks. Dimensions have changed, the phone has a bigger screen now, new home button, new dock connector and 3.5 mm jack moved from top to bottom.

The New iPhone - Back

So the camera changed? Its unlikely that Apple will go beyond 8MP. That tiny dot between flash and camera may be noise cancellation mic. So If you have Dock speakers for iPhone then it may sadden you that the new iPhone will most-probably come with a smaller dock connector. Is that MicroUSD port at the bottom? like Android mobiles!

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