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Top 5 FREE Health and Fitness Apps for Android

iPod Nano and Nike plus

Are you looking for an app to track your health and fitness? Android Play Store is filled with tons of fitness apps. The major names are Endomodo, Runtastic, Runkeeper, MyTracks from Google, Nike+, etc.

I have tried many of them and all of them work fantastically well as they say. But they aren’t all free, and offer limited features. According to the set of features they offer for free, I am rating the apps. PS: I have personally tried them all.

5. My Tracks from Google: The app is completely free and easy to use. Initially you do not have to select anything rather than clicking the “record” button. After your workout, you can edit the name, activity type and description. Like other apps, it also uses GPS to track your data. In addition, It can show  your activity in Google Earth.

Why this app isn’t better than the other ones? It doesn’t show the details of your workout. Only thing it shows is the data collected from GPS, nothing else. Can be better used as your activity logger.

4. Endomodo: This app has a sleek and easy to use UI. You can set workout methods to beat your own goal/friend’s. App shows good amount of workout stats such as average speed and pace, calories burned and hydration(note that many fitness apps do not show up hydration details). Activities can be shared only to FB.

Apart from walking and running, the app offers variety of other activities like cycling, cricket, skating, golfing, etc.

3. Nike+ Running: Who doesn’t know Nike+. The app has stunningly great UI like no other. If you are a Nike+ runner/user (iPod + Nike+) then this app is all you need for your mobile phone. It encourages you to run more to beat your own records by showing your previous record on the home screen.

2. RunKeeper: As the name suggests, The app doesn’t only focus on running exercises but offers variety of other activities as well. Including cycling, mountain biking, walking, skiing skating, etc. Data is tracked by GPS and you can also select your workout/training plan. Unfortunately, I ranked this app at 5th pos but then I started using this app and found it to be a strong contendor.

The app has sleek and easy to use UI, workouts are shown in a very decent way and after every workout you are notified about the milestones set via email. Activities can be shared on FB and twitter.

1. Runtastic: As the name suggests, you may be wondering that this app is solely for running. But the app offers variety of other activities/sports types i.e. aerobics, yoga, basketball, cycling, etc. Though the free version offers sufficient features viz. Detailed stats, your activity on the map (also supports google earth), split table and graphs.

Detailed activity stats (average pace and speed, calories burned, surface and weather info) makes this app a must have. And if you want more awesome features from this app, consider buying the app from the play store/app store.

My daily driver: iPod Nano + Nike+ 😉 It does not have GPS and internet connection but still it shows up quite accurate data and it’s handy as well (you can see the pic above).

Conclusion: At the end of the day, It’s all up to you to choose the best suitable app according to your needs and comfort.

By Anil

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