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Why should your next Android Mobile be Google Nexus 4?

Google and LG have collaborated and have launched the mighty new Nexus 4 mobile. So as of now if you are planning to buy a new Android mobile then It should definitely be Google Nexus 4. No I am not Google or LG’s salesperson guy. I am an Android user who already owns a high-end non-Nexus Android device.

Nexus 4 offers more than those mobiles priced at $600+.

Why Nexus 4? Why not Galaxy S3, HOX+, Note II or other Androids?

1. Software Updates

The primary reason is software updates. If you have a google mobile viz Nexus then you will get the latest software update as soon as it releases because you are having stock Android OS unlike Samsung and HTC mobiles.

Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG or be it any other manufacturer take too long to release the official update. They even take more than four months to release the next Android update. First they modify the stock ROM, add their apps, ecosystem, etc. then test it and then they release it to general public carrier and country wise.

Take an example of my own Samsung galaxy s3. The official 4.1 JB update released after 2 months of official release in South Korea but It has not “officially” arrived in India yet. And US Galaxy S3 will receive Jelly Bean 4.1 even later. Same with HTC One X and other mobiles. That’s pathetic.

As of now when Nexus mobiles and tablets will be receiving the latest 4.2 JB update, I will be checking for the old update, Android 4.1, besides having one of the latest and greatest (as they say) and a high-end mobile phone. Now I feel like… why didn’t Nexus 4 come in June.

2. Price

Price is an important factor. Nexus 4 is priced at just $349 for 16 GB model and has everything, or even more than some high-end Android mobiles of current scenario. Also if you are planning to buy an iPhone 5 then you should look at this Google + LG’s masterpiece. It has so much for much less. 8GB model is priced at $299, in case your budget is li’l stiff.

Why didn’t Nexus 4 release before I purchased SGS3…

You get these for just $299 :

  1. A giant 4.7 inch screen with 320 ppi (more than Galaxy S3, HOX and iPhone 5) protected by Gorilla Glass 2.
  2. 1.5 Ghz quad-core CPU (better than iPhone 5) and almost same as HOX, SGS3, Note II.
  3. 2 GB RAM – superior to iPhone 5, SGS3 (international model) and HOX
  4. 8 MP Sphere camera
  5. Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer
  6. Better battery backup

So if you get almost everything for this much less price why you would even look at other handsets?

3. Better Specs and Features

As you can see some of the specs above, you should have got the idea about Nexus 4’s specs. It’s better than most of the Android giants and iPhone 5, obviously. Note II is an exception because of its larger screen but then It’s not priced this much less and won’t receive the updates sooner.

Nexus 4 is priced at a much cheaper price and offers more than those mobiles priced more than $600. You get the latest software update as soon as it releases. It’s GOOGLE.

Forget Galaxy, One series, Optimus, Note and iPhones. Keep calm and buy Nexus 4. PS: This is not a review or comparison.

By Anil

Anil is a tech blogger at WideFide. To know more about me or if you want to follow my latest updates, Follow me on twitter @TheOnlyAnil or Join me @ Facebook