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WorldCard Mobile – iOS and Android Business Card Reader App Review

Have you been looking for a business card reader app? Have a look at this app – WorldCard Mobile business card reader. This app is available for iOS devices(for both iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. WorldCard mobile app is available in two versions – Paid and Free(Lite Version); Unfortunately There is no lite(free) version for Android.

WorldCard Mobile ($6.99) by Penpower is a business app for those who want to add new contact details on the go by just scanning the business card. In this fast paced world everyone wants to get the work done instantly, so does this app do. You don’t have to write the every detail of a new contact manually if you have this app. Just install the app, scan the business card and It will do the rest (although sometimes, the results may go fishy).

Suppose you have received a business card and you wantworldcard mobile stored contact steve jobs business card to store all the data in your mobile, mentioned on the card. It will, definitely, have Name and Phone number plus some additional informations like email address, website, Address, company name, designation, etc. If you are going to write down all the information on your mobile then it will take some time. But if you have an app which can scan that business card and store all the data at right place then why will you do it manually? I have myself tested this app and found that if you just scan the card and click on “recognize”, It starts doing its process and places the data at right place. But there is one limitation, which is somehow genuine, that you should capture the card in proper light so that It can recognize the data accurately.


  • Nice and Easy to use UI
  • Many other options rather than just capturing the card
  • Can store the “email signature” information
  • If you have a photo of business card on your device, It will work on that too.
  • Scans and Stores the data fast
  • Automatically reduces the camera shake
  • Can merge the data to existing contacts
  • Can store the data on cloud (Apple iCloud, Dropbox)
  • Needs proper light otherwise the data will look weird
  • Expensive at a price of $6.99
  • If the font in a card is fancy, It won’t recognize
  • Happened with me – I was trying to capture Steven jobs’ business card and It stored the company name as “apple wmpuber inc”. May be because of the Font.
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Conclusion: For business people, Its not a big deal to afford this app @ $6.99. But there are other people too who may find the app overpriced and ignore the app and won’t see any other feature by just floating their eyes on the price. So Penpower should think on the app’s price once again because its likely to get downloaded more at lower price.

Download WorldCard Mobile on iOS / Android

By Anil

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