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How to Update Facebook Status via iPhone, BlackBerry or Any Other Device Without Actually Having One

You must have seen people updating their facebook status from many popular devices like BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iPad or be any other device on the planet. You can also update your facebook status via any device without actually having one.

See the screenshots showing my updates from different devices, shown to all my friends (and how they got fooled). I posted a few status updates from BlackBerry, NASA Satellite and blog’s app WideFide. See them in action.

Facebook Status via BlackBerry, NASA and Custom App

What you have to do is know the application codes, Don’t worry I will be adding a few important ones. And a raw code which can update Facebook status via any Facebook app (even from yours) and that is genuine and authentic. Nothing evil and no harm to your Facebook account.

How to do it?

Posting a few quick links. Just click on the link (app) you want to update your status from.

  1. BlackBerry
  2. Android
  3. iPhone 5
  4. Apple: iPhone, iPad, iPod Nano
  5. Windows Phone
  6. Samsung Galaxy S3
  7. and NASA Satellite

And to update from your own application, Get your app ID/API Key and paste in the raw code below.

Replace YourAppID with App ID/API key.

Note: All apps are user made and are not the official ones. That means you can make your own facebook application and name it as “Facebook for XYZ” and update status right from there.

Video – created for your ease.

For more codes, visit Technocruze

By Anil

Anil is a tech blogger at WideFide. To know more about me or if you want to follow my latest updates, Follow me on twitter @TheOnlyAnil or Join me @ Facebook