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How to Hide Relationship Status on Facebook

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Do you want to show your “relationship status” to some specific friends or list of friends? Or you just want to hide it from some friends/ everyone, You just need to follow some super simple steps. It’s easy.

To hide relationship status, first move to your facebook profile by going here.

  • Click on “Update Info”.
  • Under “Basic Info“, you will see your relationship status.
  • Click on the drop-down button aligned at the right hand side of relationship status.
  • And select whether to with whom you want to share this.
    Hide Facebook Relationship Status

You can share this with public incase you are comfortable to evade your privacy 😛 or you may choose to share it with your friends. To share it with no one, select “Only Me”.

What is custom? Incase you are not aware of this long-time facebook feature then let me explain you. Using custom, you have the full control over a post, photo, or anything you are sharing. It allows you to hide something from specific friends or lists or let’s you share anything with specific people only. Quite an awesome feature indeed. Do use this for status updates, photos for better privacy.

By Anil

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